Our Rooms

Babies and Toddlers - Ducklings and Swans

At Lexden Lodge Kindergarten, we believe in the importance of getting beginnings right. Providing a happy and relaxed introduction and supported attendance at the early stages sets the scene for optimum development and learning. We know that your baby or toddler needs time, space and appropriate activities that they can explore in a stimulating, safe and secure environment. Our dedicated staff members ensure that each child is able to develop in their own individual way.

Each child is assigned their own key-person, and communication is crucial between them and parents. Therefore, we actively follow individual care routines for each child, ensuring a gentle transition into the nursery and making it easier for your children to settle. ​

Typically, a day in our Ducklings room will be led by the routine that each child has: they can take part in messy play, art and craft activities, stories, and explore open-ended resources and toys, as well as spending one-to- one time with their key-person.

They can choose to play with what interests them, be outside every day, play alongside others, and share freshly prepared and balanced meals with other children.

To assist us with providing familiarity, we ask that nappies and formula milk are provided for your child. Babies who are eating solids, including purees, will be able to enjoy home-cooked food supplied by the nursery, if meals are included in your booking. We can cater for any allergies and dietary needs; further information on menus can be found here.

Lexden Lodge are happy to arrange for parents to visit prior to their child starting with us. This builds familiarity with our setting, and helps form ties with the key-person who will be caring for your child, so is an ideal time for free discussions regarding your child’s care. We also offer a visit to your home, prior to starting, so that your baby can meet their key-person in familiar surroundings.

We are also happy to arrange a home visit and trial sessions. Home visits are completely optional, and have proved to be beneficial in building the relationship between the key-person, and your child and family. Trial sessions introduce you and your child gently into nursery while allowing you to get used to leaving your little one with us, in preparation for the time ahead.

At Lexden Lodge, we are proud to offer extra-curricular activities that can enrich your child’s experiences and can build upon the bond between parent and child. Please contact us for more information.

Your key-person will carefully observe, record, and assess learning in all areas of your child’s development. Our records are always are fully available to parents for regular discussion with your child's key-person.

2 - 3 year olds - Pelicans and Penguins

At Lexden Lodge, we know that this is the age when children begin to shine within the nursery.

We believe that play has an important role in your child’s development, and that thoughtfully planned play and open-ended activities can expand each child’s knowledge and understanding of themselves, and the world around them.

The Early Years Foundation Stage documentation supports effective and progressive learning through play. Encouraged by our experienced staff, your child will be able to experience a variety of materials, equipment and activities such as sand and water, foam, building blocks, puzzles, and small world toys including train sets. We also offer messy play including painting, drawing, printing, sticking, gloop and play dough.

Books suitable for all ages are readily available, and will support your child’s learning throughout. To us, children enjoying the process of learning is more important than the final result, and we understand that each child will learn and progress at their own pace. Each child is assigned a key-person upon joining our nursery, who will carefully observe, record, and assess children’s learning in all areas of development. Our records are always fully available to parents for regular discussion with their child’s key-person.

Good communication between parents and key-persons is paramount for all of our children, and sharing information means we can fully provide what a child needs. We follow individually agreed care routines, allowing for a gentle transition into or through the nursery, making it easier for each child to remain settled and happy.

At Lexden Lodge, children can enjoy home-cooked food supplied by the nursery, if meals are included in your booking. We work with our parents to cater for any allergies and dietary conditions. Further information on menus can be found here.

3 - 5 year olds - Puffins

At Lexden Lodge Kindergarten we want to enable, and prepare your child to go on to flourish at their new school.
Therefore between the age of three and five, your child will continue to explore the importance of learning, through areas that are of individual interest to them, as well as the basics. We encourage children to contribute to planning for learning as well as evaluating and incorporating their preferences into future plans.

At group time like snack, meal and circle time, children of all ages are helped to understand, appreciate, manage and take part in a sociable activity and to learn valuable life skills.

We carefully observe, record, and assess children’s learning in all areas of development. Our records, which are fully available to parents for regular discussion with their child’s key-person, go with your child as they leave us to start school, to inform their Foundation Stage Profile, at the end of the Reception year. By planning a curriculum that is based largely on observation and interests of your child, we are confident that all learning opportunities are meaningful experiences for children’s active engagement; the best forum for significant and long-term learning.
By the age of four, most children will be ready for the benefits that a pre-school education offers.

A typical day will include opportunities to access a variety of activities, play in the outdoor area, as well as morning and afternoon group time.
Skills developed here include:

  • Literacy skills that are promoted through books, games, and activities promoting awareness of print, and its' meaning and uses.
  • Activities that promote communication such as speaking, listening, turn-taking in story telling, sharing rhymes and conversation. Reading, writing and language are also developed through a language rich environment. Signing is also supported in the nursery.
  • Understanding of the wider world is brought to life through hands-on learning, problem solving and experimenting. This is a great part of development in over three’s.
  • Expressive Arts including dance, drama, singing, telling stories and rhymes. Role play is extremely important in understanding about life and relationships, and young children instinctively re-enact events they experience or witness. This consolidates their understanding. Such re-enactment takes place through small-world play with miniature figures, and in role play where the children themselves are the actors.
  • Physical activities include scissor control, building, threading or larger muscle movements such as balancing, climbing, and running.
  • Social and emotional development can be a gradual process, as feeling settled, gaining confidence in new surroundings, and working cooperatively with others are all skills needed for future education.
  • Mathematical skills, number awareness and application are developed through matching, and size and shape sorting, as well as simple number processes of adding, division and subtracting.
Free Early Educational Entitlement
Children of three and four years old are eligible for 15 hours Free Entitlement funding for 38 weeks of the year; this is normally available from the term after their third birthday. From September 2017, families can apply for a further 15 hours funding for each child over three. All eligible parents will then receive and 11 digit code, that they must show the nursery.