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Meal Times and Menu

Meal times at Lexden Lodge Kindergarten are available throughout the day and in a number of our sessions.

Nursery meal times are as follows:

  • Breakfast at 8.00am

  • Mid-morning snack at 10.00am

  • Cooked lunch at 12 noon

  • Afternoon snack at 2.30pm

  • Tea at 4.30pm


All meals served at the nursery are nutritious and freshly made on site by our highly experienced and skilled chef. Ingredients are of the highest quality and are, where possible, locally sourced.

An example menu for a typical day in the nursery would be:

  • Breakfast: wholewheat cereals or porridge with milk or wholemeal toast with low-sugar jam

  • Mid-morning snack: fresh fruit or wholewheat crackers

  • Lunch: homemade fish pie with seasonal vegetables or vegetarian moussaka with seasonal vegetables

  • Afternoon snack: fresh fruit or homemade shortbread biscuits

  • Tea: a selection of sandwiches with cold fillings or jacket potato with a choice of toppings

We are also experienced in catering for a range of dietary requirements, and every care is taken to ensure substitute meals match standard meals as closely as possible. If you have any queries regarding our menus, please contact us.

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