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General information

Children should be dressed suitably, with clothes, coats and bags clearly labelled. Please be aware that Lexden Lodge will not be held responsible for any loss of unmarked clothes, or damage through inclusion in any activities, or out door games. 

We would discourage children bringing their own toys to the nursery as they could be mixed up and put away with the nursery toys by mistake. Comforters are exception.

When you arrive at the nursery please ring the bell for admittance. We require signed authorisation in advance if anyone other than yourself/yourselves will be collecting your child. We will not release any child without prior notification. Please collect your child promptly at the end of his/her session. Repeated late collections may be charged for. 

Mid morning and mid afternoon snacks are provided. A well balanced two course meal is provided at lunch and tea time. The daily menu is displayed at the reception. Water is available though out the day. Children are allowed to rest and sleep whenever they are tired. 

Each child will be placed with a keyperson who will oversee monitoring of your child’s development in all areas so we can keep you informed of their progress. As your child progresses through the nursery their records accompany them building a picture of their time with us. All records are accessible to parents, on their request, for perusal at all times and will accompany your child when they leave. 

We follow the Christian calendar whilst acknowledging different festivals celebrating by other religions. 

If we feel that any child has been subjected to some form of abuse, according to the guidance from the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, it is our policy to refer this to a recognised body. 

Lexden Lodge Kindergarten is committed to the inclusion of all children with special needs, as they have the same right and should receive the same opportunities as other children. They should be treated as unique individuals and should not be labeled stereotyped or discriminated against. 

Lexden Lodge Kindergarten has public and employer’s liability insurance cover in line with that required by the Early Years and Childcare sector. 

Priority to admission is given to a place being available in the appropriate age group, having a sibling in attendance already, and length of time on the waiting list. 

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