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After School and Holiday Clubs

In addition to the traditional nursery sessions, Lexden Lodge Kindergarten offers holiday care for children attending school up to the age of 11. Our After School and Holiday clubs are accessible to all children who have left us to go to school, the older siblings of children who are attending now, and other children who attend the schools in our vicinity. 

In our After School and Holiday Clubs, children often form very good friendships with their peers. Our clubs have a small capacity, so the children spend quality time with other school-aged children, whilst enjoying a variety of activities together. These are designed to stretch them, encourage their independence and self-reliance, as well as encourage cooperative learning and exploration with their peers.

We recognise that children in this age group need to have opportunities to influence and make their own choices; to problem solve and discuss what they would like to take part in, and to have ownership of their club. Children have also created their own rules for the clubs, with which they wish all Club participants to comply.

After School Club

The After School Club is available every school-day at the nursery from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. Children can enjoy refreshments on arrival, time to wind-down from school, complete homework, enjoy the activities for the day and have a meal.

We are able to offer collection of children from schools within walking distance to the nursery. Please contact us with any specific enquiries or requirements.

Holiday Club

The Holiday Club runs every major school holiday, from 7.30am to 6.00pm, mirroring nursery core time. There is a full programme of activities available for each week, including some outings.

We recommend that you ask for our programme, or discuss your requirements with us first. A separate room is made available, and booking in advance is advisable, as places are popular.

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