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3-5 Year Olds
At Lexden Lodge Kindergarten we want to enable and prepare your child to go on to flourish at their new school.

Therefore between the age of three and five years, your child will continue to explore the importance of learning, through areas that are of individual interest to them, as well as the basics. We encourage children to contribute to planning for learning as well as evaluating and incorporating their preferences into future plans.

At group time like snack, meal and circle time, children from all ages are helped to understand, appreciate, manage and take part in a sociable activity and to learn valuable and acceptable life skills.

We carefully observe, record, and assess children’s learning in all areas of development. Our records, which are fully available to parents for regular discussion with their child’s key-person, go with your child as they leave us to start school, to inform their Foundation Stage Profile, at the end of the Reception year.. By planning a curriculum that is based largely on observation and interests of your child we can be confident that all the learning opportunities are meaningful experiences for children’s active engagement; the best forum for significant and long-term learning.

By the age of four, most children will be ready for the benefits that a pre-school education offers. Our plans cover the seven areas of Foundation Stage learning defined as:- Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics Understanding of the World, and Expressive arts and Design meeting Ofsted requirements, and the principles of the Every Child Matters documentation. This helps your child prepare for their future in an educational environment.

A typical day will include opportunities to access a variety of media in the art area; play in the outdoor area, morning and afternoon and being involved in group activities.

  These will include –
Activities that promote communication such as speaking and listening turn-taking in story telling and sharing rhymes and conversation. Reading, writing and language through a language rich environment. Acquiring English as an additional language is supported through sign.

Understanding of the wider world is brought to lifethrough hands-on learning, problem solving and experimenting; this is a great part of development in over three’s.

Expressive Arts can include dance, drama, singing, telling stories and rhymes. Role play is extremely important in understanding about life and relationships. Young children instinctively re-enact events they experience or witness, thus consolidating their understanding. Such re-enactment takes place through small-world play with miniature figures and in role play in which the children themselves are the actors.

Physical activities include scissor control, construction, threading or larger muscle movements such as balancing, climbing, and racing.

Social and emotional development can be a gradual process- feeling settled and gaining in confidence in new surroundings and working cooperatively with others are all skills needed for a future education.

Mathematical skills, number awareness and application are developed through matching, and sorting in size, shape and variety, as well as simple number processes of adding, division and subtracting.


Children of three and four years old are eligible for the Free Entitlement funding; this is normally available in the term after their third birthday. Payment is made to us for up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks of the year, and is at a nominal rate. This can be used as a contribution to any session booked, and can be shared at your discretion between facilities. Invoices for those children in receipt of the funding, will be calculated by the calendar month and will be credited for the weeks that we are paid the Free Entitlement. Further information can be obtained from the office if required.

Lexden Lodge Kindergarten works with many primary schools in the area to prepare for the transition into school, as our children can attend any of those close by. Where a child attends another setting, we participate in the sharing of information between ourselves and the other settings, to form the best possible base of care together for that child.

Teachers from a child’s intended school are invited to come to visit and meet each child before their transition to school in September. Many visits are pre-planned so we can keep you informed about when they are anticipated.


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